More from the 20/20 Vision on AVMA governance and today’s DEADLINE for member feedback

Today is the deadline for member feedback on the Governance Engagement Team (GET) interim report!   Make sure to fill out the survey.

The AVMA 20/20 Vision Commission was established by the AVMA Executive Board and charged with: creating a progressive vision for the AVMA and making recommendations to ensure that the Association achieves this vision and continues to be relevant and responsive to its members and the general public.

In their report, under the section on governance, the following statements can be found:

“There is a distinct and likely possibility that the governance system will not be compatible or conducive to the next generation of members or potential members and the growing numbers of women entering the profession.”

“…the [AVMA] governance needs to be more participatory, transparent, shared, democratized, and designed with new technologies that allow members to participate virtually, for short bursts of activities and commitments, and much more interactively. It will be important for AVMA to reconcile its traditional organizational hierarchy that is vertically built and shift to emerging networks of groups built along horizontal lines of action. The digital revolution enables new access, transparency, and opportunities to receive input and create a forum for networked governance.”

The Taskforce on Governance and Member Participation (TFGMP) worked with this vision in mind.  Check out the GET interim report and see if you think the proposed changes to AVMA governance can help to achieve this vision.  




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