Resolutions to be Considered by the House of Delegates in Jan 2014

At its meeting on January 10-11, 2014, the AVMA House of Delegates will take action on two proposed bylaws amendments and one proposed resolution.

Proposed bylaws amendment 1-2014, submitted by the AVMA Executive Board, alters the requirements for membership in the AVMA. According to the statement included in the proposal, this would “remove unnecessary requirements from the AVMA member application process in an effort to eliminate barriers for veterinarians who want to belong to the AVMA.”

Proposed bylaws amendment 2-2014, submitted by 8 state veterinary medical associations and 3 allied veterinary organizations, changes the AVMA’s mission and objectives. According to the statement, the AVMA’s current mission and objective “fails to include the membership as its primary focus.”

Proposed Resolution 1-2014, submitted by the New York State Veterinary Medical Society, calls for a cessation of accreditation of non-U.S. and non-Canadian veterinary schools by the AVMA Council on Education. The proposed resolution states that the COE’s focus should be to “continually improve the quality of the graduates, programs, and institutions of Domestic and Canadian veterinary Colleges” and that the foreign accreditation process is “resource intensive” and “logistically challenging.”

AVMA and SAVMA members who would like to voice their input on these proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions should do so by contacting their HOD delegates. Don’t know who your delegates are? You can look them up in the “My AVMA Leaders” page in the Member Center section of the website.

We will be live-tweeting the HOD meeting on our @AVMAvets Twitter feed and I will post a wrap-up AVMA@Work blog entry with a summary of the outcomes once the meeting has concluded. JAVMA News will provide more in-depth coverage of the HOD meeting in a future issue of JAVMA.


4 thoughts on “Resolutions to be Considered by the House of Delegates in Jan 2014

  1. I have a question about the upcoming meeting. Are these the only 3 items on the agenda? I was told that the topic of chicken jerky was being discussed or possibly a resolution voted on and wanted to find out if that was truly the case.

  2. I believe the Exec. Board amendment to Resolution2-2014 should be defeated because it negates the main purpose of the changes to the mission statement and objectives.

    • Dr. Jantzen, please make sure you contact your AVMA delegates to let them know your input. It’s likely that they won’t see your comment here. To find your delegates, go to the “My AVMA Leaders” link under the Member Center tab in the navigation bar. I’m sure they’d appreciate hearing from you.