New NSAID Safety Handout

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are some of the most commonly prescribed medications for pets but, as with any medication, their use can present some health risks. We know that you want to educate your clients about these risks and the responsible use of NSAIDs so that these medications can be used to effectively manage the pets’ medical conditions, and we want to make that job easier for you.  To that end, we’ve produced a NSAID safety handout titled “Your Pet’s Anti-Inflammatory Medications.” The handout, available only to AVMA and SAVMA members, provides quick information for pet owners regarding the benefits and risks of NSAIDS, as well as recommendations for responsible NSAID use. There’s even a place on the handout to add your clinic’s information and/or logo. This information can complement client information sheets you provide from the manufacturer.

We hope you find this handout useful, and we’d appreciate any feedback you have on it. We also plan to develop a number of additional client handouts on a range of topics, so please feel free to suggest topics that would be useful to your practice.

Another NSAID safety resource that you may find valuable is the FDA’s brochure Treating Pain in Your Dog: Keeping Your Best Friend Active, Safe and Pain Free.

5 thoughts on “New NSAID Safety Handout

  1. Since some owners will just use an over the counter NSAID they find at a pharmacy without checking if it is toxic to their animal, it would be great to include which not to use.

    • Thanks, Odette, but an OTC NSAID should NEVER be used without first talking to a veterinarian. That advice is included on the handout. The list of products not to use is too long and would have to be updated every time a new product came out, so we felt it was best to give a blanket statement that says you should not give any OTC meds without consulting your veterinarian.

      We have a new page for pet owners about drug safety in general, and it has that message as well. Here’s the link:

  2. Dr. Windley, we decided that this product would a member service, so a member login is required to access it. If you’re having trouble logging in, there’s a green box on the right side of the screen that will provide assistance. We have a lot of open-access information on our site already, but products like this are meant to provide value to our members.

  3. I would like to have this doccument, but the user name and password that I have will not let me in. WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE OUR LIGHT HIDDEN UNDER A BASKET??? WHY IS THE PASS PROTECTED????

    Brad Windley