Taking our healthy pet initiative to TV

Not so fast, you DVR fans! Instead of fast-forwarding past all of those commercials during your favorite TV show, Partners for Healthy Pets has one that you won’t want to miss. The Partners is debuting a new television commercial that has the potential to reach millions of homes with a message about the importance of preventive pet healthcare and annual veterinary checkups. The commercial is being marketed to television stations across the country for placement as a nonpaid, public-service announcement. 

The “Special Care Instructions” commercial features playful cats and dogs – our snuggle buddies, our playmates, our alarm clocks and our best friends – in a 30-second and a 15-second spot that convey the same important message: to “make an appointment today” to ensure that our pets get the veterinary care they need.

The commercials are another highlight of the Partners’ nationwide educational campaign that also includes paid advertisements in some of the nation’s most popular magazines – publications like People, O, Prevention, Family Fun and Every Day with Rachael Ray – that have a combined circulation of more than 14 million readers. 

We’re equally happy to report that the Partners initiative – an amazing coalition that has now grown to a membership of 106 organizations – also can claim more than 3,500 companion-animal veterinary practices across the country as official enrollees. If your practice isn’t already enrolled, we encourage you to do so today so that you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with enrollment. You’ll have access to myriad online resources that will help your clinic start and maintain a preventive pet healthcare program. And you’ll receive monthly emails and newsletters that will keep you updated on Partners programs. You’ll also have access to logos, creative elements and content for your own newsletters, websites and in-clinic use – all at no cost to you. 

By enrolling your practice in the Partners for Healthy Pets, your clients will know that you are part of this important effort.  It is easy to do and it’s free. Come join the thousands of veterinary clinics who have already committed to making a difference in pet health.


3 thoughts on “Taking our healthy pet initiative to TV

  1. This would be an excellent time to begin the mandate for twice yearly exams on dogs and cats aged seven years and older. The entire profession knows of the risks of once yearly exams for these geriatric patients who often require medications or who are in pain dismissed by their owners. Until the AVMA and state boards define a six month minimum required time these geriatric patients need to have been seen by a veterinarian, the individual practitioner has little to stand on other than the lone recommendation of twice yearly exams. The human dental profession succeeded in this task. Certainly, we should too.

  2. This is one of the biggest reasons we pay our dues every year. We need our professional association to promote our profession where people will actually see it. If this turns into our equivalent of “Beef. Its What’s for dinner” that would be great.
    I applaud this whole heartedly!

  3. With your TV shorts — emphasize the feline (the forgotten species). Cats hide problems whereas dogs are chronically ill. And yes, in this day and age — cats are small dogs — in a latest poll (Bayer report) only 19% of vets preferred cats. And, most veterinary technicians do not like to handle cats!!! Dr. Jim Olson