We’ve got New Year’s resolutions for pet owners

As we bid farewell to 2013, we’re putting a lot of thought into New Year’s resolutions – not our own, but those of pet owners. We want to make sure that pets are included too!

Our key messages to pet owners include:

– Commit to taking your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year for an annual checkup and preventive care. Not only can you keep your pets healthier this way, but you can potentially save money on veterinary costs, as well.

– Exercise with your pet. Both you and your pet will be healthier and happier for it.

– Create a disaster plan for your family that includes your pet. As our CEO, Dr. Ron DeHaven, said in a radio interview Sunday with Steve Dale, “We found out the hard way from Hurricane Katrina that if people have to evacuate and they have pets, they’re not going to leave unless they can take their pets with them.”

In addition to Dr. DeHaven’s radio interview, we issued a press release early last week urging people to include their pets in their own resolutions to exercise and lose weight. We’ve also gone directly to animal lovers with messages on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Do you have other New Year’s resolutions that you think are important for animal owners? What about resolutions for your business or professional development? Please share those in the comments!

One thought on “We’ve got New Year’s resolutions for pet owners

  1. it is a shame that some pet rescuer’s do nothing but get the pet for their kid’s but within a week the pet’s are put into pen’s and…. forgot about…. ‘getting feed only when they ,,,cry… so much it’s the only way the so called pet owner can keep people from noticing.when it’s so….freezing cold…. out it’s not fit’ the poor animal ‘s cry all night i can’t take anymore of this….abuse…. we have to have and animal rescue here in maryland like i have seen in philly where the pet owner’s go to…. jail…. or pay a stiff fine for neglect.