Reminder: HOD considers important proposals this week

Update Jan 9: We will be live-tweeting from the HOD meeting on Saturday on our @AVMAvets Twitter feed using the hashtag #avmagov. I will also post a follow-up summary blog entry early next week.

The AVMA House of Delegates will meet this Friday and Saturday (Jan. 10-11), and will discuss and/or act on a range of proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions, including a new resolution on jerky treats that was proposed by member petition. The entire list of proposed amendments and resolutions is available on our website. Among the key proposals on the agenda:

  • The newly introduced resolution, Resolution 2-2014, calls for an AVMA statement about jerky treats.  According to current AVMA bylaws, the House of Delegates (HOD) must first waive the requirement of prior notice in order to consider this proposed resolution because it was submitted after the deadline.
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment 1-2014 would “remove unnecessary requirements from the AVMA member application process in an effort to eliminate barriers for veterinarians who want to belong to the AVMA,” according to the background in the proposition.
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendment 2-2014 would revise the AVMA’s Mission Statement and Objectives.
  • Proposed Resolution 1-2014 would cease the accreditation of foreign veterinary schools by the AVMA Council on Education. The AVMA Executive Board has provided a document explaining their recommendation on the resolution, as well as a FAQ document about the issue.
  • Proposed Resolutions 3-2013 and 14-2013 were carried over from previous sessions for additional information and further discussion.  Resolution 3-2013 calls for the AVMA to issue a statement that the practice of homeopathy is ineffective and its use is discouraged. Memos from the Executive Board, Council on Veterinary Services and the Council on Research were also submitted regarding this proposed resolution. Resolution 14-2013 calls for American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture membership in the AVMA House of Delegates, and was deferred from the Annual Session in July 2013 to allow time for collection of information requested by the HOD.

The meeting is fast approaching, so please contact your House of Delegates representatives if you want to provide your input on any of these proposed bylaws amendments and resolutions. Not sure whom to contact? The “My AVMA Leaders” page on our website will connect you directly to the delegates and alternate delegates representing your state.

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