AVMA Health News Bytes: Expanding your view into veterinary research

You’re invited into the fascinating world of veterinary medicine’s many benefits to the “human animal” through our uniquely insightful compendium of veterinary research, AVMA Health News Bytes

Each month, Health News Bytes provides AVMA members, journalists and others a peek into the world of comparative medicine and its enormous impact on human and animal health. We probably don’t have to tell you that veterinarians are among the many medical professionals leading the way in finding new treatments and cures for people affected by such things as cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. You might not be aware, however, of the breadth and the scope of the type of research that is being conducted at our colleges and schools of veterinary medicine. 

AVMA Health News Bytes is designed to bring that information to your inbox each month in an easy-to-read synopsis that includes links to more information provided directly by veterinary schools across the country. Heath News Bytes lets you explore such fascinating research topics as the treatment of spinal cord injuries in both dogs and people; how new surgical tools could one day lessen the odds of cancer recurrence; or how the development of novel antibiotics might be used in the fight against bioterrorism – all thanks to the efforts of scientists working at our nation’s veterinary institutions.

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