Minimizing Antiparasitic Resistance in Grazing Animals

With the many species and conditions veterinarians treat, there’s a continual need for commercially available drugs that are both safe and efficacious, including those against parasites. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently made a variety of resources available for veterinarians who seek to learn more about antiparasitic resistance, and steps to minimize resistance, particularly in grazing species such as ruminants and horses.

FDA has a new initiative called the Antiparasitic Resistance Management Strategy, and has developed an Antiparasitic Resistance webpage and brochure for veterinarians, providing information on current resistance issues and strategies.

What’s the AVMA doing with antiparasitic resistance?
• AVMA continues to advocate for the continued availability of drugs that are safe, efficacious, pure, and potent. We encourage increased numbers of drug approvals, including parasiticides.
• We continue to encourage veterinarians to submit adverse event reports (including product failures) to the drug manufacturer.
• Our volunteer leadership continues to discuss ways AVMA can enhance dissemination of current information and management strategies to our members, animal owners, and other stakeholders.
• The AVMA has responded to FDA’s solicitation for feedback in the agency’s proposed development of an Antiparasitic Drug and Resistance survey.
• The Journal of the AVMA has provided updates for veterinarians on this topic (see December 15, 2013 and May 1, 2013 issues).

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