AVMA Supports Proposed NIOSH Study

In a discussion with the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the AVMA learned of a study that the agency is proposing and that should benefit the veterinary profession.  If approved, the study will involve working with veterinary teaching hospitals, referral oncology practices, and small animal clinics to apply the NIOSH Alert guidance in veterinary medicine with the objective of reducing occupational exposures to hazardous drugs in veterinarians, technicians, and other animal care personnel and volunteers. 

 Worker safety is important to the AVMA, and the AVMA sent the CDC-NIOSH a letter of support for the proposed study.  If the study is conducted, the CDC-NIOSH will work with the AVMA through webinars and possibly other electronic means to help disseminate the gained knowledge to the profession.

 Related AVMA policies include:

For available information on safety steps that your practice can take regarding hazardous drugs, check out the resources provided in the AVMA@Work post, Need help with your hazardous drugs?

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