AVMA sends letter on federal conference and travel spending

On Jan. 21, the AVMA sent a letter to Congress asking policymakers not to inhibit federal veterinarians’ ability from attending legitimate and necessary meetings and conferences held by the private sector. The coordination and collaboration at meetings and conferences is beneficial to both the public and private sectors and for maintaining animal health and welfare, the AVMA said.

The letter, sent to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, states:

“It is essential for federal veterinarians to have the opportunity to hear from the experts in their field and to provide a bridge between the federal government and the veterinary profession. Federal veterinarians participate in the AVMA’s councils, committees and House of Delegates in an advisory capacity, and many federal veterinarians and employees attend AVMA’s Annual Convention and Business Meeting as advisers, speakers and participants in the continuing education sessions we offer to our members. Because the AVMA supports many federal programs and activities, coordination and collaboration at meetings and conferences provides an important and valuable service to the federal government.

The AVMA and the association community provide valuable communication, education and training to many federal employees. From the AVMA’s perspective, this interaction is essential to maintain the health and welfare of our nation’s animals, as well as its people.”

For more information, download the letter here.

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