Fat Pugs, Velocichuahuas and Anal Glands

Practicing veterinarians face challenges every day, from less-than-cooperative patients and clients to the risk of physical injury. But it’s all part of being a veterinarian, and most of us wouldn’t trade it for any other career despite the challenges.

When the 2014 Winter Olympics began, we posted a simple status on our AVMA Facebook page: if there were Veterinary Olympics, what events would they feature? We thought it would be a fun topic to ponder, a relief from the everyday stresses.

Our veterinary Facebook friends stepped up to the challenge, and more than 100 comments were made with hilarious event suggestions. We had so much fun reading their comments that we felt compelled to turn some of them into images depicting the events.

…and so the 2014 Veterinary Olympics were born. Seventeen events challenged our veterinary team to their limits, from the Wiener Dog Free-Catch Urine Relay to the Llama Spit Dodge. Our most popular events were the Fat Pug Nail Trim, the Velocichihuahua Wrestling Team, and the Anal Sac Squirt for Distance. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians suggested additional difficulty levels within each event, or commented on their proficiency and likelihood to medal.

We’ve had a number of requests for the events to be made into a poster, and we’re looking into the options for doing so. In the meantime, and for those who don’t have social media profiles to see the events, here’s a pdf with all of the events and their descriptions.

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