For new veterinarians: “Simple Answers to Tough Questions”

You’re fresh out of vet school, navigating a new career as a veterinarian. You’re new at a practice, feeling your way around an unfamiliar environment. You’re cultivating professional relationships with both clients and colleagues, working hard to build trust and respect. Let’s face it; things aren’t always easy when you’ve landed that first job.

Starting your new career as a veterinarian is a very exciting time, but one that can be filled with anxiety and questions. And we know that sometimes you’re uncomfortable asking your boss or your fellow clinicians for help. “Simple Answers to Tough Questions,” a video series produced by the AVMA and available as an AVMA member service, provides you the answers to questions you might have during your first few years as a veterinarian.

Check out the videos today, and if you’ve got ideas for other topics, let us know. Whether you have questions about earning and building trust, bringing value to the clinic, making first impressions or showing emotion on the job during a difficult case, you’ll hear answers from people just like you. They’ve been there, and they’ve done that. And they want to share what they’ve learned along the way.

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