Veterinary practices running Windows XP may be targets for hackers

Does your veterinary practice use Windows XP? If so, your computer system may be at risk starting April 8. 

Veterinary practices using Windows XP as part of their business operations have until April 8, 2014, before their important data is at substantial risk. After April 8, Microsoft will cease support for Windows XP and no longer provide security updates. Computers still running the operating system may become vulnerable to malicious hackers who are hungry for your data.

2 thoughts on “Veterinary practices running Windows XP may be targets for hackers

  1. I think if you keep your antivirus support updated and the antivirus companies still support XP will be OK.
    We have 20 computers running XP in the practice and running well, why throw them away.

  2. According to my IT person, this is a common warning going around mainly perpetuated by software and hardware companies wanting to sell new systems. He states that the as long as the security program you are running (like McAffe, Norton, etc) supports your operating system you are probably at no more risk than you already are presently with Microsoft “looking over you”.