Women’s leadership initiative hitting its stride

The Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative (WVLDI) has arrived, and the AVMA is glad it’s here. Bolstered by financial support from the AVMA and its first corporate sponsor, Ceva Animal Health, the WVLDI is drawing crowds to its presentations at national veterinary meetings, has a growing and dedicated following on both Facebook and LinkedIn, and continues to reach new prospective members, as a recent meeting for students at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine attests. 

After forming in July 2013, the WVLDI is quickly positioning itself as an important group dedicated to filling a much-needed role as it works to support women in seeking and achieving leadership, policy- and decision-making positions within all areas of professional veterinary activity. 

The WVLDI’s commitment to diversity and achieving leadership excellence in every sector of veterinary medicine is a natural fit with the AVMA’s strategic goal of enhancing participation and engagement of our membership through the creation of a culture of inclusion, transparency and community. The group’s purpose of developing new veterinary leaders is also consistent with and reflects the AVMA’s belief that leadership development is critical for the future of the profession and organized veterinary medicine. 

So check out the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative today. Its time has come, and its grassroots effort at enhancing women’s role in veterinary medicine is really growing.

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