Your thoughts on large representative assemblies/House of Delegates

In light of the AVMA focus on refiguring some of the governance, I read this article (PDF) recently by Glenn Tecker. It outlines the issues that surround association large representative assemblies, in our case, this would be the House of Delegates. It outlines the challenges and pros and cons of such an entity. Really good insights as to what might be holding AVMA back or carrying AVMA forward, depending on your perspective.

I would love to hear any thoughts or feedback on this one!



One thought on “Your thoughts on large representative assemblies/House of Delegates

  1. Karen,
    Thanks for sharing this article. I think immediately it brings out points that may be holding AVMA back from being a sustainable organization in the future:
    “Organizations wanting to sustain their relevancy will need to adopt a governance structure that ensures:
     appropriate representation of the interests and needs of an increasingly diverse membership;
     confidence that the demographics of the leadership appropriately reflect the demographics of the
    Hopefully these insights will be considered during the discussion of governance restructuring.