Celebrate World Veterinary Day 2014 with the AVMA and promote good welfare for animals worldwide

World Veterinary Day logoTomorrow is the last Saturday in April, and that means it’s time for us to say… Happy World Veterinary Day!

The World Veterinary Association created World Veterinary Day in 2000 as an annual celebration of the veterinary profession – to be observed on the last Saturday of April. Each year, the WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) choose a theme for the event. This year, the theme for World Veterinary Day is animal welfare. Given that promoting veterinarians as authorities and advocates for animal welfare is an important – some might say essential – strategic goal for the AVMA, it makes perfect sense that we have gone all out to celebrate World Veterinary Day this year. Come join our celebration on April 26and check out all that we have planned!

First, we’ve been working hard to revamp our online animal welfare resources. The new AVMA Animal Welfare Hub will launch on World Veterinary Day 2014. Check it out for easy-to-find animal welfare policies, guidelines and other resources for our members, the broader veterinary profession globally, and the public at large.

Animal Welfare: Responsibility & OpportunityOf particular note – and accessible to AVMA and SAVMA members through the Animal Welfare Hub – is “The Conversation,” a LinkedIn group designed to facilitate discussions initiated during a November 2013 AVMA animal welfare symposium, “Can You Hear Me Now? The Conversation.” If you are an AVMA or SAVMA member, consider celebrating World Veterinary Day 2014 by joining The Conversation on April 26– we would love to see you there! And if you missed the 2013 symposium, and are an AVMA or SAVMA member, check out the AVMA Animal Welfare Hub on or after World Veterinary Day 2014 to access audiovisual recordings from this seminal meeting.

Finally, on April 29 from 3-5 p.m. Central European Summer Time, Dr. Gail Golab, director of the AVMA’s Animal Welfare Division, will participate in the sold-out Global Webinar on Animal Welfare, co-hosted by the WVA and the European Commission. This webinar promises to provide an exciting exchange of information and ideas all designed to promote and enhance animal welfare and engagement by veterinarians across the globe. Look for follow-up reports on the AVMA Animal Welfare Hub and WVA website.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the AVMA Animal Welfare Hub that we rolled out just in time for this year’s World Veterinary Day celebrations…we would love to hear from you! If you are interested in reading more about World Veterinary Day 2014, read this JAVMA News article or our press release.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate World Veterinary Day 2014 with the AVMA and promote good welfare for animals worldwide

  1. Celebrating World Veterinary Day today (April 26). The theme this year is animal welfare. At Brentec Vaccines we are dedicated to improving and protecting the health and welfare of rural farm animals in Africa. We aim to do this by providing animal health solutions to rural farmers.

    We like what you have done with the AVMA Animal Welfare Hub. Great information in the sections and links to other information. Definitely a great resource for people trying to learn more about animal welfare.