Wanted: Livestock and public health veterinarians

By: AVMA staff, Governmental Relations Division

Are you interested in reducing the financial burden of your veterinary school loans? If you are a food animal or public health veterinarian, the federal government will help repay your student loans in exchange for your commitment to practice in locations designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture throughout the country for a minimum of three years.

Now in its fifth year, the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP) provides up to $25,000 per year toward your educational debt for up to three years. There are currently 216 veterinarians serving throughout the country … and you could be number 217!

The application deadline for its fiscal 2014 program is June 6. For more information and to access application materials, please refer to the program’s website. When applying, it is important to note that the most successful applicants are those who are well-matched to a specific shortage situation in both location and type.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Livestock and public health veterinarians

  1. ALL veterinarians with past school loans as well as current graduates with school loans.

  2. I worked days nights and weekends, sometimes 100 hrs a week, to repay my school loans. That was before thiis program of working for repayment options under VMLRP.

    Why don’t you offer ALL veterinarians the option of relocation to needed areas so they can recover part of thieir school loan costs??

    Good idea I think………and you might just get more of us to “volunteer” to relocate to needed areas.

    Thank you, Dr Dave Nelson

    • Hi Dr. Nelson,

      Sorry for my delinquent response. I thought I had responded to you earlier, but just now looking back through the blog I realized I never did.

      In response to your question, yes, ALL veterinarians are encouraged to apply to the program, not just livestock or public health veterinarians. However, the program is geared toward matching people with the right skills with the shortage areas around the country, so people who have some experience with livestock or public health medicine make them more eligible candidates.

      You can see USDA’s eligibility requirements here: http://www.nifa.usda.gov/nea/animals/in_focus/an_health_if_vmlrp_education_eligibility.html.

      Hope that answers your question.