It’s (almost) National Dog Bite Prevention Week®!

Infographic: Dog Bites by the NymbersSunday marks the start of National Dog Bite Prevention Week®, and we’ve developed a range of resources to help you spread the message about dog bite prevention. This is a great time to remind clients and friends that any dog can bite, and as the sponsor of Dog Bite Prevention Week®, we’re making it easy for you.

What have we got? Everything from videos and podcasts to embeddable website widgets, social media tips and a downloadable Facebook cover photo you can use to brighten up your Facebook page for the week. And all year round, we have great information posted in the public area of our website that you can share with clients as reminders of how to prevent dog bites.

Get ready for the celebration!
Start with our National Dog Bite Prevention Week® page, where you can get a bit of background information about the annual celebration and links to join in on social media. You’ll also find lots of other great resources there, including:

You’ll also want to head over to our YouTube channel, where we’ve just released a new Dog Bite Prevention Week® video (see below) and will be posting a new short every day during National Dog Bite Prevention Week® starting Sunday. The videos feature “Jimmy the Dog” and highlight specific areas of miscommunication between dogs and people. That’s seven days’ worth of great content for you to share on social media!

Need more ideas?  You also can use specific statistics from our Dog Bites by the Numbers infographic to share individually on social media, with links to information about how to prevent dog bites. We’ve also got great podcasts on dog bite prevention strategies and canine aggression toward children that you can share as well.

We’ve made it easy; so why not join in the celebration? Help educate the public and reduce the estimated 4.5 million dog bites reported every year in the United States.

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