Are you America’s Favorite Veterinarian?

Who says it’s wrong to toot your own horn? You provide expert medical skills to your patients. You provide knowledgeable, authoritative advice to your clients, and you help make your community and our society safer. So why not ask your clients, colleagues or even family members to nominate you as America’s Favorite Veterinarian? 

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation, the charitable arm of the AVMA, is seeking nominations for amazing doctors of veterinary medicine from all aspects of the profession. We’re hoping that you might participate by printing this free poster and hanging it in your clinic or office. Your clients or colleagues do the work from there by going to the AVMF’s Facebook page to submit their nomination. The deadline for submissions is June 6. 

America’s Favorite Veterinarian will receive a $500 cash prize, a trip to the 2015 AVMA Annual Convention in Boston and a community celebration at their clinic for staff and clients. The person who nominates the winner will receive an animal lover’s gift pack containing an array of treats and goodies for them and their pet. 

Participate today! You just might be named America’s Favorite Veterinarian.

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