National Hurricane Preparedness Week — May 25-31

Did you know
• The 2014 Atlantic season begins June 1 and lasts until November 30?
• The 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season began May 15 and lasts until November 30?
• Next week, May 25-31, is National Hurricane Preparedness week?

Now is the time to get prepared for hurricane season. If you live in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, take the time to create an emergency plan or update your existing plan. If you don’t have an evacuation kit, now is the time to gather the supplies you will need in case of a hurricane.  If you have a kit, go through it and get it ready by replacing expired supplies or equipment. If you don’t live in an area affected by hurricanes, use this week as an opportunity to update your emergency plans and learn about the threats that can affect you.

Be sure to include your pets in your disaster plan. The AVMA’s Saving the Whole Family brochure, available as a free download in English and Spanish provides information for creating emergency kits for your pets.

To learn more about hurricane preparedness, check out the AVMA’s Hurricane Preparedness and Response resources page and National Weather Service’s Hurricane Preparedness page.


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