Introducing a new animal welfare webpage for our members

The debut of the AVMA’s online/mobile animal welfare hub is reflective of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that veterinarians continue to be recognized as leaders in animal welfare. It’s designed to provide you with access to the information and tools you need to become even better scientific advisors and advocates. We believe it will help you and your team promote the welfare of all animals and foster strong human-animal relationships.

At the animal welfare hub, you’ll find easy access to the AVMA’s animal welfare policies, guidelines, literature reviews and other trusted resources. You’ll also find information on all aspects of animal well-being across a range of species, including proper breeding and selection, housing, nutrition, management, disease and injury prevention and treatment, and humane handling.

This latest animal-welfare related initiative also provides you an exclusive opportunity to join “The Conversation,” which expands upon the seminal animal welfare dialogue begun during last November’s intraprofessional discussion, “Can You Hear Me Now? The Conversation.” Based on comments from program attendees, the information presented and the dialogue that occurred at the workshop really brought home the complexity of animal welfare assessments and the tremendous responsibilities and opportunities that exist for veterinarians in the animal-welfare field.

A variety of activities are in the planning stage to facilitate broader discussion, but if you are an AVMA or SAVMA member, you can jump onboard right now by joining The Conversation on LinkedIn. Having conversations like these can encourage and better equip us to fully embrace our role not only as experts in animal health, but as primary protectors of animals’ welfare and advocates for sound public policy at all levels. So check out the new animal welfare hub today, and join “The Conversation.” We think you’ll be glad you came.

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