Feeling stressed?

A new AVMA Veterinary Career Center webinar recording, “Staying Afloat: Professional Stress and Well-being,” explores the concepts of compassion fatigue and caregiver reaction and is available to you free of charge as an AVMA member benefit. This webinar, presented by Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse, provides basic coping strategies, self-assessments and resources that can help us recognize problems, support ourselves and those with whom we work, and incorporate our professional lives into the whole of a healthy, balanced and satisfying life. 

From companion-animal practice to public health, lab animal medicine to academia, no one is exempt from the risks associated with compassion stress. Dr. La Jeunesse helps to dispel myths and remove the stigma around normal, expected and unavoidable reactions related to working in a “helping” profession. 

You also can experience other career webinars previously produced by the AVMA Veterinary Career Center, where you’ll find valuable resources and information on everything from new career opportunities to how to improve your communication with clients.

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