AVMA Future Leaders — Preparing for Convention!

By Dr. Callie Willingham: 2013-2014 AVMA Future Leader

Wow, time does fly! Our Future Leaders group is together at AVMA offices this week to finalize plans for our project and symposium at AVMA convention in Denver. Our focus is on helping veterinarians explore career opportunities outside of clinical practice. Where do you start when you’re thinking about a career change? What can you do and still use all of the amazing training you received in vet school and have learned over the years in practice? We’ve compiled resources to help you start exploring a career change…how to assess your strengths/weaknesses and interests, how to prepare to look for new opportunities, and how to present your clinical experience in terms understood by the business world. All of these resources will be available on the AVMA website after the convention. Hopefully, any of you thinking about change will join us in Denver for a half day symposium on Sunday morning with a group of amazing veterinarians who have moved from clinical practice into a variety of new careers. On Monday, join us for lunch where you’ll have the opportunity to talk with veterinarians following many career paths using their veterinary training outside of clinical practice. We hope to see you all at the convention in Denver!

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