AVMA members benefit from AVMA’s membership in two global veterinary associations

The AVMA is an active member in both the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). But, what does that mean for you?

AVMA membership in the WVA and WSAVA provides our members with direct benefits – like access to excellent electronic newsletters bringing information, ideas, challenges and opportunities from our colleagues in other countries. The WVA Newsletter is published once or twice per quarter, and the WSAVA E-Bulletin is published bimonthly.

Of particular interest to AVMA members who are small-animal practitioners is access to several online tools offered on the WSAVA website, including global guidelines on several animal-health topics and resources related to assessment and control of pain in small animals.  Many AVMA member veterinarians have served – and continue to serve – on the WSAVA committees and working groups that are instrumental in developing these online tools. (For AVMA members interested in future service on WSAVA entities, please contact Dr. Beth Sabin, AVMA associate director for international and diversity initiatives. Doing so will allow us to create a list of qualified and interested AVMA members that can be called upon when we receive – through our liaison to WSAVA – requests for nominations to fill vacancies on their committees and working groups.)

The WVA also publishes position papers that are used to stimulate discussion on relevant and current topics facing the global veterinary community and aid advocacy efforts with other international and intergovernmental agencies. As a member organization of the WVA, the AVMA, through its relevant committees and councils, takes every opportunity to review drafts of WVA position statements in order to offer a U.S. perspective. Two recent WVA position statements – one on the Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare and the second on the One Health Concept – were reviewed extensively by the AVMA’s Committee on International Veterinary Affairs and entities staffed within our Animal Welfare and Scientific Activities divisions before adoption by the WVA Council earlier this year.

Finally, both the WSAVA and WVA hold regular international continuing education congresses, with many AVMA members either attending or presenting their latest research and best clinical practices. The next annual WSAVA Congress is coming up this September in South Africa, while the next biennial World Veterinary Congress will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, in September 2015. Perhaps we’ll see you at one or both of these upcoming events.

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