Not all super heroes wear capes

Comic Book: Veterinarians to the RescueVeterinarians are out in the real world every day protecting animals and people from the dangers of the world. The list goes on and on: veterinarians keep our pets healthy, they protect the food we eat, they research cures for diseases, and so, so much more. With everything that veterinarians do, it’s not far-fetched to think of them as heroes. So, what better way to educate and excite the next generation of veterinarians about the different things veterinarians do than by turning veterinarians into SUPER heroes. Well, that’s just what we’ve done.

“V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue!” is a brand new comic book produced by the AVMA that presents the stories of six different veterinary super heroes working together and saving the day from the dangers of leptospirosis, West Nile virus, foodborne illnesses and more. From research to industry, private practice and army veterinarians, readers get a super-sized look at the different things veterinarians do to protect the world. The comic book is available to order through our online store and is the perfect companion for career days or waiting room material. Let everyone know just how much of a hero you are with “V-Force: Veterinarians to the Rescue!” Because not every super hero wears a cape.

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