Member Input Needed for HOD Meeting in July

AVMA members, please don’t forget to provide your input on the proposed resolutions and bylaws amendments that will be considered during the AVMA House of Delegates Regular Annual Session in July. Now is your opportunity, please take a few minutes to look over the items and contact your delegates.

The following proposed bylaws amendments will be considered by the HOD during its July 24-25 meeting:

The following resolutions will be considered:

If you don’t know who your HOD delegates are, you can find them by logging in to the AVMA site and clicking on the “My AVMA Leaders” link in the Member Center, or here’s the direct link:

Also, the HOD will be voting on candidates for AVMA President-Elect, who will become AVMA President in July 2015 to succeed Dr. Ted Cohn, who will be taking office this July. The candidates are Dr. Larry Dee (from Georgia) and Dr. Joe Kinnarney (from North Carolina). If you’d like to know more about the candidates, read their JAVMA News interviews.

One thought on “Member Input Needed for HOD Meeting in July

  1. These amendments and other changes are good to consider but what the practicing veterinarian needs is education of the public in the form of response to some of these proposals. The Fairness to Pet Owners Act is a bad idea because human pharmacists are not veterinary pharmacists, human pharmacists may be busy and give advice to pet owners that may be good for humans but cause pet suffering or even death. This is dangerous to pets. Veterinarians will raise exam prices if pharmacy is taken away by big corporations which is not fair to pet owners. Dental treatments without anesthesia and dental x-rays may cause un-diagnosed conditions to continue to exist and cause pet suffering. Although well meaning, these ideas are bad for the animal and owners. Pregnant sow housing is another example of well meaning people who do not understand porcine husbandry. Sows step on piglets and kill them and eat them without proper confinement. The public needs to be educated. Spend some of the $35 million that the AVMA has on public relations and educate the public as to why these well meaning ideas are not appropriate, humane, sensible, or financially beneficial. Use celebrities like the humane organizations do to get the word out. That’s my two cents.