House of Delegates Considers Direct Election of Delegates!

How many times have YOU, as an AVMA MEMBER, voted for your representative in the AVMA House of Delegates?  AVMA Members who are not also members of state or allied associations have not had this opportunity.  Fortunately, the hard work of the AVMA House Advisory Committee and HOD with the Executive Board have a real proposal that would give you this important responsibility and opportunity.  Below is the rationale from the proposed Bylaws 4-2014 that will be voted on in just a few weeks.  The link for the full proposal is at the bottom.

Please read, care, and let the AVMA leaders you know hear from you on this important restructuring decision!

“If approved, the proposed Bylaws amendments would provide AVMA members with an opportunity to elect approximately one-half of the delegates—the remaining delegates would continue to be designated by principal and constituent allied veterinary organizations. Specifically the amendments would accomplish the following:

  • The House would be composed of two delegates from each state and constituent allied organization. One delegate would be elected by AVMA members in the respective state or allied organization through an election conducted by AVMA. One delegate would be designated by the state or allied organization through a method of its choice and under its own process. The “weighted vote” for each state/entity would be divided equally between the two delegates.
  • Delegates would be eligible to serve no more than two consecutive four-year terms. They could serve more than two terms in their lifetime, provided that there are no more than two consecutive terms. The HOD term limit would not apply to executive directors of allied constituent organizations who may be serving as designated delegates, but those individuals would still be required to be voting members of the Association. ”

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