AVMA vice president election is Friday!


I recently posted about the AVMA President election and linked to some extra interview questions for the candidates from Dr. Don Smith.  Well today, I’d like to provide you the same for the Vice Presidential position.

Your House of Delegates will vote to elect the AVMA Vice President for a 2-year term during their regular annual session Friday morning.  You still have time to email or contact your delegate to let them know who you think they should vote for!

Remember, it is very easy to find out who your representatives are:


Articles to read:





3 thoughts on “AVMA vice president election is Friday!

  1. What difference does it really make to have elections if we can never vote? It’s rational to not be a member if you are regarded as not being worthy of being given the vote in decisions of such a small profession. Why waste your money on membership .

    At least as a member of USAA I can vote for the leaders and get great services

      • A member of the veterinary profession should have the right to vote and kick out a board of directors just as the same as if they owned stock in a public corporation. I am not a member of the AVMA anymore as I cannot find reasonable employment in this backass profession. At least if I would have invested those funds in blue chip stock rather than a DVM degree, I would have more money and more of a voice.