AVMA hosts education on antiparasitic resistance

cow grazingWhen parasites become less susceptible to the treatments that had controlled them in the past, animal health suffers. In livestock, this may also negatively impact production. Practical and effective strategies to combat antiparasitic resistance are critical. To help enhance the veterinary community’s awareness of the issue and mitigation strategies, the AVMA will host educational opportunities on the topic in the near future.

AVMA Convention 2014:
Join Dr. Christine Navarre of the Louisiana State University Agriculture Center and Dr. Aimee Phillippi-Taylor of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine on July 28 at 5 p.m. in the Colorado Convention Center room 207 as they discuss the hot topic – “Antiparasitic Resistance.”

October 14 Webinar:
Members of the Antiparasitic Resistance Management Strategy Group within FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine will discuss antiparasitic resistance in U.S. grazing livestock (cattle, small ruminants, and horses), FDA’s response to this animal health threat, and the current science related to slowing down further development of resistance. The one-hour webinar will be at 11 am EST on October 14, 2014. Register today because space is limited.

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