Using the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act in practice

With the recent signing of the new Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act into law, the AVMA has heard from members who have questions about how to be compliant with the law in accordance with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s rules and regulations.

We have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to help veterinarians understand more about the new law (member login required). It is important for veterinarians to recognize that the new law provides them with the needed flexibility to legally provide full medical care for their patients, but the same DEA requirements for keeping inventories of, securing controlled substances, and maintaining records for controlled substances still apply. Members can find the FAQ and other information on DEA’s rules on the AVMA’s page, “Veterinary Compliance with the DEA and the Controlled Substance Act.”

One thought on “Using the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act in practice

  1. It doesn’t appear that this act is any help to veterinarians, such as myself, that need to travel between states to perform home euthanasia on pets in clients’ homes. Initially I thought it was going to save my business but the DEA and Missouri dept of BNDD say no, it only applies to intrastate movement. So, thanks to legislators who really haven’t help those of us who need to travel interstate using one DEA registration. Alot of people in Missouri that want my help aren’t going to get it.