Want to help us represent veterinary medicine in Washington?

Veterinarians: Let your voices be heardCalling all veterinarians and veterinary students: we need YOUR help! Each year, members of Congress introduce thousands of bills, but according to National Journal, roughly 2 percent ever become law. With the stakes high—it is critical that our nation’s leaders hear how bills will impact their constituents (you!) and the lives of the animals within their districts so that they can advocate for scientifically sound policies that will advance the profession and improve public and animal health.

Earlier this month, we shared that President Obama signed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act into law, a bill that affects many veterinarians across the profession who must use controlled substances to treat their animal patients beyond their clinics. This was a major victory for the profession, but likely would not have been possible without the outpouring of support from AVMA members and those within our Congressional Advocacy Network who sent more than 27,000 letters to their members of Congress.

Being an advocate for veterinary medicine is FAST and EASY. Don’t be a slack-tivist. Do your civic duty and take action today! Learn more about how you can get involved.

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