What do you do if you suspect a colleague has a drug or alcohol problem?

Simple Answers to Tough Questions - video series for veterinariansThe challenges of veterinary medicine aside, the workplace can sometimes be difficult place to navigate. From office politics, interacting with your clients, to cases that you just can’t seem to crack, each day new challenges arise that force you down paths that may be outside your comfort zone. One thing that can take anyone outside their comfort zone is recognizing that a colleague might have a problem with drugs or alcohol. How do you navigate this situation without upsetting your colleague or making the problem worse?

In our new episode of “Simple Answers to Tough Questions” Dr. Gargamelli tackles this tough question and offers you a “road map” to steer your conversations in the right direction. You can view the video by clicking here.

This is the latest video in the “Simple Answers to Tough Questions” series. And if you’ve got ideas for other topics, let us know. Whether you have questions about earning and building trust, bringing value to the clinic, making first impressions or showing emotion on the job during a difficult case, you’ll hear answers from people just like you. They’ve been there, and they’ve done that. And they want to share what they’ve learned along the way.


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