New resources about Ebola and pets

Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith

Photo: CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith

Given the euthanasia of a pet dog in Spain and the current quarantine of a pet dog in Texas following exposure to people infected with Ebola, it’s understandable that your clients are concerned about how their pets will be affected. They’re looking for information, and you are one of their most credible, trustworthy sources. In an effort to help you help your clients, we’ve developed several resources with your needs in mind, including an FAQ, a podcast and a client handout (available to members only).

We’re committed to keeping you informed of the situation so you can provide the best care and information to your patients and clients. We’ll be updating our Ebola webpage and resources for veterinarians as new information and resources come to light, and you can stay informed by checking that page regularly, subscribing to our AVMA@Work blog (where we’ll be providing periodic updates) and following our social media feeds. We’ll also use the Animal Health SmartBrief to get information to you and to the public.

Veterinarians, this situation also provides an opportune time to brush up on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). It’s never a bad idea to make sure that all veterinarians and staff understand the value of and the need for appropriate PPE to avoid the spread of disease. It’s also a great time to review (or develop) your clinic’s plan for dealing with any known or potentially infectious diseases to determine if there are any improvements needed.

The AVMA is serving as a vital informational and educational link to our members and the public about the ongoing Ebola situation here in the United States. As we continue our collaborative efforts with authorities and subject matter experts so that we can best serve you, your clients and the public at large, we’ll keep you updated along each step of the way.