Honoring your efforts through America’s Favorite Veterinarian

Dr. Tim Hunt, America's Favorite Veterinarian

Dr. Tim Hunt, America’s Favorite Veterinarian

For two years now, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation has hosted the America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest in an effort to shine a public light on the wonderful things our members do for their patients, their clients and their communities. After this year’s contest earned Dr. Tim Hunt the distinction of the 2014 winner, we couldn’t be happier with the public response we’ve received and how pleased we are that more than 86,000 pet owners participated in the contest.

Kris Mitchell, a client of Dr. Hunt’s at the Bayshore Veterinary Hospital in Marquette, Mich., nominated Dr. Hunt. She was especially impressed with Dr. Hunt after he performed a cesarean section on her dog on Christmas morning. “He has come into his office for us at all times, day or night,” Mitchell shared in her nomination. “He has saved many of my dogs’ lives, and he has mourned with us when the time has come for them to pass. He truly loves all animals, and my dogs love him and his staff.”

Dr. Hunt believes veterinarians are influential in teaching children and families with pets the importance of treating animals in a kind and humane way. “We are part of their family,” he told us. “We are given the ability to treat the animals that they love, and the gratification of a success, be it surgical, medical or behavioral is more rewarding than any payment I can imagine.”

Congratulations, Dr. Hunt, and to each and every one of our members who strives to make a difference in the lives of both animals and people each and every day.

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