Social media 200K: Connecting with you!

SocialMedia_StethoWe’re pretty psyched about the fact that the AVMA is quickly approaching 200,000 fans, friends and followers of our social media channels. It’s pretty cool, and we largely have our members to thank for it. So, thanks!

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn, our goal is to make life a bit easier for you by providing you sharable social media content that helps you connect with your clients and your communities. We strive to provide you with information and resources that let you keep up a fresh and engaging social media feed full of high-quality, trustworthy content that you can share.

Whether we’re posting serious stuff about Ebola or pet food recalls, or whether we’re sharing fun stuff about pets, their owners and their shared exploits, we rely on social media as one way to connect with you. Thanks for connecting with us.