Speak with your clients…about declawing

DeclawingClientInfoButton_180wDeclawing of domestic cats remains a controversial topic in companion animal medicine.

Working with members of the AVMA’s Animal Welfare Committee and feline practitioners, the AVMA’s Animal Welfare Division recently created a convenient handout for cat owners who are considering having their cats declawed. It addresses scratching as a normal behavior in healthy cats, declawing as a major surgery that requires aggressive pain management under the care of an experienced veterinarian, valid alternatives to declawing that should be tried prior to performing the procedure, and situations in which declawing may be an appropriate option. The AVMA hopes to help veterinarians connect with cat owners to make the best decision for their cat and household, and strives to provide its members with the resources necessary to advocate for their patient’s welfare and facilitate client education. This handout and other resources, including a video, the AVMA’s policy on declawing of domestic cats, and a literature review, are available at avma.org/declaw.

One thought on “Speak with your clients…about declawing

  1. It is so great to see the AVMA speaking out more on this issue. If you want any other veterinarians weighing in on how and why NOT to declaw, whether it be for informational brochures or policy discussions, please feel free to contact me through the e-mail address included here. I would love to see a day within my working lifetime when all of my patients keep their claws. Thank you! -Danya