Hey, Congress! Veterinarians have the solutions

Healthy Animals = Healthy PeopleFor the last two years, this Congress has been grappling with some tough national issues that impact public and animal health and the future of veterinary medicine. Right alongside, our nation’s veterinarians are hard at work helping to solve Congress’ most pressing policy problems. This month, the AVMA launched an advertising campaign that educates incoming members of Congress on the many areas in which veterinarians are involved and urges their continued support on key legislative initiatives in the next congressional session.

From keeping our food supply safe, abundant and affordable, to conducting research that leads to innovative breakthroughs in American agriculture and medicine, to promoting a quality standard of care for animals, America’s veterinarians are at the front lines each day tackling issues of national importance. Because of their work, Americans and their pets and livestock are living longer, healthier lives.

This work would be nearly impossible without Congress’ continued support of programs that give veterinarians the tools and resources they need to keep animals and the public healthy. The AVMA continues to seek funding for many programs that will keep the country at the forefront of biomedical innovation and that will allow veterinarians the ability to provide care where they are needed most. The association also asks Congress to support federal initiatives that ensure that veterinarians have access to the medications they need to provide the best healthcare to their animal patients, without overburdening our nation’s veterinary small businesses with cumbersome regulations.

This advertising campaign will run on National Journal’s website and mobile site throughout the month of December. For more information on the campaign, see the AVMA Governmental Relations Division’s new webpage.

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