In support of Dr. Stacey Addison: Advocating for a colleague’s return home

Update March 3, 2015: The news media is reporting that Dr. Addison has been allowed to leave Timor Leste.

You may already be aware, but one of our colleagues has been imprisoned in Timor Leste (East Timor). Dr. Stacey Addison, a veterinarian from Oregon, was fulfilling a lifelong dream traveling the world. News agencies are reporting that Dr. Addison was arrested on September 5 after a stranger with whom she was sharing a cab was arrested on a drug charge. She was held for five days before being released, but remained trapped in East Timor because the authorities retained her passport. On October 28 she was again arrested and taken to prison, where she remains today.

The AVMA has sent a letter to Secretary of State Kerry, urging the State Department’s advocacy and intervention to expedite her return home. Her friends and family have also begun a petition to bring her home.

We hope that Dr. Addison is home soon, safe and sound.

5 thoughts on “In support of Dr. Stacey Addison: Advocating for a colleague’s return home

    • Thank you, Ogden, for being willing to share this. Asking your friends and family to read and sign the petition and share with their friends/family is great. If you have time, please write your representatives and the State Department, asking them to support her release and return of her passport. Dr. Addison has a Facebook page “Help Stacey” that you can “like” to get updates. We (her friends and family) really appreciate your support!

    • Linwood Windley, What you’re doing is simply victim-blaming, which is, simply put, ignorant. No one wants to hear your condescending, probably never left the country, mouth. The turn of events it already tough enough for the family and friends of Stacey without your two-sense.