Update on Indianapolis Star series on pets, veterinary care

We are aware of – and you might have seen – newspaper articles appearing in the Indianapolis Star as part of a series titled “Pets at Risk.” The series is scheduled to conclude Sunday with the publication of its third installment. The articles, we believe, impugn veterinarians’ character and call into question their motives and their integrity.

AVMA staff members worked with John Russell, the Indianapolis Star reporter, as he researched and interviewed for his story. We are monitoring the public’s interest in his articles, and we will be submitting a letter to the Indianapolis Star editor on Monday to share our opinions about the series and to offer support for veterinarians and pet owners alike. We will share the letter with you by posting it on the AVMA@Work blog Monday.

We invite and encourage you to visit the newspaper’s website and Facebook page to share your thoughts about the articles. You can also submit letters to the editor via the paper’s website.

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