AVMA IN THE NEWS: Week of December 21, 2014

To provide a look at where and how often the AVMA has been mentioned in the media in the past week, the AVMA Media Relations Division has developed this weekly AVMA@Work blog series, “AVMA in the News,” showing the number of times AVMA appeared in the media, as well as a sampling of those hits.

We hope you find these reports informative. As always, we appreciate any questions or feedback you might have on our media relations efforts.

Sunday, December 21 – Saturday, December 27
: 147
Daily Average: 21.0
2014 High Avg.: 117.71 (week of October 5)
Notes: The spike in stories at the end of the week was due to wide distribution of a HealthDay News story on cold weather pet safety that mentioned the AVMA.




New Year’s Resolutions for Pets
Chicago Now
“. … To help pet owners to understand that regular veterinary check ups save lives, and also can save pet owners money – as the earlier an illness or disease is found, potentially there’s a better prognosis and treatment may be less expensive.” Dr. Ron DeHaven, American Veterinary Medical Association CEO, Schaumburg, IL. …

The business-minded veterinarian
Science Daily
. … The interaction between animals and humans secures the continuous demand for the profession, and the fewer veterinarians we have, the larger potential for catastrophic disease, according to Michael Dicks, director of the economics division for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). …

For Fido and friends, no shortage of holiday gifts 
Chicago Tribune
. … Why the category has been growing is anyone’s speculation. Several reports have pointed to delayed marriage and parenting, with pets subbing in for children. Pet ownership among single people, including those never married as well as widowed and divorced, surged from 2006 to 2011 even as overall pet ownership fell, according to an American Veterinary Medical Association survey conducted every five years. …

Dangers of alternative diets, including raw food diet
Philadelphia Inquirer
. … On the flip side, raw diets have also come into vogue in the pet community. The veterinary community views these with a great deal of trepidation: the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association, as well as the FDA, have all come out with official position statements cautioning against raw food diets. …

Yep, Santa’s reindeer have a veterinarian
Louisville Courier-Journal (Ky.)
. … Dr. Rene Carlson, president of the World Veterinary Association and former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, claims to have visited the North Pole earlier this month to ensure that Santa’s team of nine were up-to-date on their vaccinations and healthy enough to make their annual trek around the globe. …

All systems are go for Santa’s Christmas Eve sleigh ride
Centre Daily Times (Pa.)
. … According to an American Veterinary Medical Association press release, the team of four-footed fliers has been cleared for takeoff. …

Tips for dog safety during the winter months
Tampa Tribune
. … For people who leave their pets outside during the day, Anderson said the American Veterinary Medical Association (www.avma.org) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (www.aspca.org) publish guidelines on safe shelter for dogs during the winter months. …

Pet Talk: Vomiting in pets could be sign of chronic bowel disease
The Oregonian
. … A study published last year in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association revealed that 99 out of 100 cats showing symptoms of chronic vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss had some form of chronic small bowel disease. …

Catastrophic Injuries in Racing Quarter Horses Studied
The Horse
. … The study, “Frequency of and risk factors associated with catastrophic musculoskeletal injuries in Quarter Horses at two Midwestern racetracks: 67 cases (2000-2011),” was published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. …

Keep dogs and cats safe during winter
. … The American Veterinary Medical Association has more about cold weather pet safety. …

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