AVMA legislative report: What’s your state up to?

Want to know what your state is up to in terms of laws and regulations that impact the practice of veterinary medicine? Did you know that the AVMA’s State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department regularly tracks more than 1,000 bills each year?

The AVMA’s recently issued State Legislative End of Year Report for 2014 provides both a summary of the various veterinary practice and animal health issues state lawmakers and regulators adopted and considered in 2014, as well as a more comprehensive review of the bills and regulations tracked by the AVMA. We’ve also included information about several court decisions and other policy developments that are particularly relevant to veterinary medicine.

The report is a great way to stay up on what’s happening in state capitals that might impact you in the office or in the field.

One thought on “AVMA legislative report: What’s your state up to?

  1. Pre-Vet Student doing a presentation on a law/regulation that is affecting my future career as a Veterinarian.