Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month

VetResources-Pet-Dental-HealthAs veterinarians, we know that bad breath in pet dogs and cats isn’t something to be ignored; it can be a sign of dental problems and might also signify other serious health risks, with the potential to damage not only a pet’s teeth and gums but its internal organs as well. To address the significance of oral health care for pets, the AVMA and several veterinary groups are sponsoring National Pet Dental Health Month in February, and we’re hoping you can help spread the word by taking advantage of the free products and services we’re making available for our members and the general public.

Our National Pet Dental Health Month webpage contains a variety of resources that you can link to from your website, download and print for free. You’ll find attractive images you can post on Facebook, and a link to a handout you can share with clients by simply downloading and printing it right at your clinic. We’ve also provided links to AVMA-produced videos and podcasts that you can share and promote on your website or social media. We’ve produced a Pet Dental Care brochure – available in both English and Spanish – that you can print and give to your clients during their clinic visits.

While February is designated National Pet Dental Health Month, dental health should be a daily ritual for pet owners all year long. Help us promote dental health this month and year-round. Even pets deserve pearly whites!

One thought on “Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month

  1. Hello,
    Thanks For The insights..
    i have a strange problem and need some help/tips

    I bought Greenies dental treats to see if it’ll actually make a difference in my cat’s dental health (I can’t get near them with a toothbrush).

    My concern is that 4 out of the first 5 ingredients are grain. They are: Chicken Meal, Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Corn Gluten Meal, Oat Fiber. Is this ok to feed to my cats regularly?