COE Update: Transcript from NAVC listening session is available

On January 18, during the NAVC Conference in Orlando, the Council on Education (COE) held a listening session to allow veterinarians to express their concerns about the accreditation process. The transcript of that session is now available. This transcript was developed by a professional transcription company and is based on an audio tape of the session.

The listening session was intended only to collect veterinarians’ concerns, and was not conducted as a discussion forum or question-and-answer session. Therefore, the transcript reflects the opinions of those commenting. The COE will take this material, as well as feedback collected through other communications channels (including additional listening sessions, surveys, and emails sent to and discuss them at their next council meeting. After the input has been gathered and discussed, the council will publish proposed changes based on what is heard for further comment.

The COE intends to hold a listening session at the Western Veterinary Conference in February in Las Vegas, but the time, date and location of that session have not yet been determined. We’ll keep you informed through the AVMA@Work blog and other channels when then information is available.

Anyone interested in learning more about the accreditation process and the COE is encouraged to visit the Accreditation Policies and Procedures of the AVMA COE on the AVMA website.

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