Pregnant or thinking about pregnancy?

pregnantFinding out that you’re pregnant can be one of the most exciting events in your life. But how do you tell your boss that you’re expecting? Our latest “Simple Answers to Tough Questions” video, “How to Tell Your Boss that You’re Pregnant,” might help. We turned to Dr. Robin Hansen, who shares her firsthand advice on how to approach your boss and share the news that you’re pregnant.

You might also be interested in reading “Pregancy in Practice,” an article from the Feb. 15 issue of JAVMA News that takes a look at the special risks and challenges that veterinarians face in practice while they’re pregnant. Five small animal practitioners and one large animal practitioner share their stories, telling how they overcame the challenges of being pregnant while in practice.

The AVMA policy on Veterinary Facility Occupational Risks for Pregnant Workers has additional links to resources that have important information about regulatory requirements related to pregnancy in the workplace.

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