Summary: Council on Education listening session at SAVMA

The Council on Education (COE) held a third listening session, this one for students only, during the SAVMA meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The session was held on Friday, March 20. Previous listening sessions were held at NAVC in January and WVC in February. More information will be coming about the COE session at the AVMA Convention as the time approaches.

This session was interactive, with the three COE representatives (two COE members and one former COE member who is now a COE site visitor) responding directly to the students’ questions. Students were concerned about rumors they had heard about accreditation and the COE. They also had questions about workforce and marketplace issues, and the COE clarified their role in the assurance of the quality of education. The students also asked for additional clarification about outcomes assessment.

An audio recording was made, and a transcript will be provided.

If you’d like to receive more information and updates from the COE, please sign up for the COE Standard email newsletter (available to AVMA members only). The AVMA will also be sharing COE Standard content and accreditation updates on the AVMA@Work blog. We will keep you informed of the progress and status of the COE’s response and recognition through these channels.

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