Join SAVMA in support and reflection this Thursday

Dear friends and colleagues,

Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi. License: GFDL/CC-BY-SA 3.0

Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi. License: GFDL/CC-BY-SA 3.0

As many of you already know, we have lost two more veterinary colleagues this past week. A fourth-year student, Kelly Smith, from Michigan State and a fourth-year student, Whitney Engler, from UC Davis died this week.

Due to these losses and the others we have experienced over the past year, all of us at the AVMA would like to encourage the entire veterinary profession to support the Student AVMA as they have invited all veterinary schools across the country to come together Thursday to share support and condolences with those affected by these tragedies.

This Thursday (April 2), we hope that all of the schools can heed SAVMA’s call to get together in whatever way they see fit to show our friends around the country that we are here to support one another. Whether it’s a shared moment of silence, a candlelight vigil or any other form of support and reflection, we look forward to seeing everyone come together for this on Thursday.

To share your support, please consider using SAVMA’s hashtag #vetstudentsunited to upload event photographs or messages of support on social media.

Thank you, and know that our thoughts are with the families, veterinary school communities and all our colleagues at this difficult time.

On behalf of the entire AVMA family,

Dr. Rebecca Stinson, AVMA Vice-President
Dr. Derrick Hall, Dr. Anna Reddish, Dr. Caroline Cantner and Jackie Ross (The AVMA Student Initiatives Team)

3 thoughts on “Join SAVMA in support and reflection this Thursday

  1. Your Canadian colleagues support you at this time. Our students are standing strong with you and share in your grief. Our deepest condolences go out to all those affected by these terrible losses. #vetstudentsunited

  2. I heard about Whitney. I had not heard about Kelly. We are a relatively small profession, and once we are admitted to veterinary school that first day, we are one closely knit family. My sincere sympathies go out to the families of Whitney and Kelly, and to all who knew them as friends and colleagues.