Coming soon: Large-volume fluid units

The AVMA continues to hear about the critical nature of fluid supply shortages in equine practice. The AVMA, working closely with AAEP, has had numerous interactions with fluidbags2manufacturers, FDA, and others, on our members’ behalf during this fluid crisis. (See blog post related to our interactions with Zoetis and our letter to FDA in January.) Fortunately, based on our most recent interaction, we are hearing that some relief is finally in sight.

Specifically, we’ve heard from our Zoetis colleagues that large-volume Plasmalyte has recently become more available to equine practitioners.

Additionally, we’ve heard from Sypharma colleagues that their Hartmann’s IV solution (which has been permitted by FDA for import – see our blog post about FDA’s announcement), is shipping the product to the USA, having left Melbourne, Australia last week. Our understanding is that Animal Health International will make available the first allotment of Hartmann’s IV solution. Reportedly, talks are underway between Sypharma and various U.S. distributors for future shipments of the product, which is projected to be produced and then freighted from Australia to the USA in approximately five weeks.

We look forward to sharing additional details as we learn more.

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