Caught on video: Protecting, promoting and advancing the veterinary profession

As your AVMA continues to evolve and adapt to ensure that we provide the greatest possible value to you – our members – we are keenly focused on protecting, promoting and advancing veterinarians and the veterinary profession. Our Strategy Management Process is helping us achieve our goals to better serve you and meet your needs, and we’d like to invite you to view a new video we produced that highlights where we’re at and where we’re headed. Enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Caught on video: Protecting, promoting and advancing the veterinary profession

  1. It is not the “veterinary profession”, it is the veterinary medical profession. You would not write or speak about the American Veterinary Association. If we are the American Veterinary Medical Association then certainly we are the veterinary medical profession

  2. Lord Have Mercy-Stop Playing Hero-You’re Killing Our Pets!

    Many of today’s veterinarians are contributing to the unspeakable suffering of many family pets and indirectly sentencing many to die abandoned and alone in animal shelters throughout the country. What the veterinary community is failing to realize is, that despite all of the technological advances, many people cannot afford this luxury and walk away either cruelly abandoning their sick and elderly pets(s) at a “shelter” to heinously die alone and frightened or are left to cruelly suffer while their guardians die a thousand deaths themselves from remorse in not being able to help them.

    I implore your profession to get back to the basics of Rule #1 of medicine – RELIEVE SUFFERING!