Gonadectomy in dogs: a live-streamed roundtable

Gonadectomy in dogs: a live-streamed roundtablePreventing unplanned pet reproduction is part of responsible pet ownership, and gonadectomy remains a vital component of pet population control. Gonadectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed on pets and reduces undesirable mating behaviors. However, research studies over the past few years have shown that the procedure may not be as innocuous as once thought; gonadectomy reduces the risk of some cancers and medical conditions, but increases the risk of others.

What do we know about gonadectomy? What do we still need to learn about it? How do we balance the benefits and risks to animal health and welfare? As our thinking on gonadectomy evolves, honest and transparent conversations must take place within the profession as well as between veterinarians and pet owners.

A primary care practitioner and veterinarians who are board-certified in behavior, internal medicine, surgery, and oncology will discuss the benefits and risks of gonadectomy in dogs during a roundtable session for veterinarians at 11am (EST) on Tuesday, May 19th. The roundtable discussion is a joint venture between the AVMA, Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Florida, and AAHA. We’ll be live-streaming the discussion via our YouTube channel.

Join us for the live stream on YouTube and submit your questions and comments via the chat function during the live stream. You don’t have to have a Google or YouTube account to watch the livestream. You will probably need to have an account, though, to participate in the live chat function. You can also submit questions before and during the livestream event via email.

Can’t watch it live? Don’t worry, we’re recording it and it will be available later on our website. Stay tuned to the AVMA@Work blog for updates.


21 thoughts on “Gonadectomy in dogs: a live-streamed roundtable

  1. Still waiting to see when this will be posted and where it will be available to watch?

  2. I watched the discussion live on youtube this morning. Could you mention again what the email address is to get the CE credit? Thank you!

      • Thank you! I found it very interesting and relevant.

        I’ve tried twice and my email keeps getting returned, saying “message cannot be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted”. Help?

        • Our apologies again, I don’t know what’s going on with that email inbox. Please send your name and state of licensure to me at kmay@avma.org and I’ll get it to the correct people for your certificate.

    • I’m sorry, Mary Kate, that we didn’t respond sooner to your question. We appreciate your feedback and wholeheartedly agree that the discussion of gonadectomy in dogs must be inclusive of a broad range of experts. Certainly the disciplines represented within the roundtable, but also theriogenologists, endocrinologists, shelter veterinarians, etc.

      With that in mind, we want to be sure you are aware that this discussion is just one piece of a more comprehensive effort. “Canine Gonadectomy: A Roundtable” was independently organized by an AAHA award-winning referral animal hospital utilizing their specialists. When the AVMA learned of their plans, we thought it presented a unique opportunity to jumpstart a broader discussion in a visible and easily accessible way. Accordingly, we sought their agreement to allow us to livestream the event and they were kind enough to oblige. In addition to this roundtable, so far we have created an opportunity for information exchange via The AVMA’s Animal Welfare Conversation (our animal welfare discussion group on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=7472278), initiated a systematic literature review, and our Animal Welfare Committee has begun a careful examination of related AVMA policy. In other words, we view this discussion as a kickoff for a much larger conversation that we hope will be enriched by expertise from across the veterinary community–including yours. We welcome your specific suggestions for how to best expand the conversation…another roundtable of additional discipline experts is one possibility, but certainly not the only one, and we’re all ears if you have additional ideas!

    • Could you please email the address linked in the blog post (roundtablequestions@avma.org) with that message? That way, we’ll have your email address immediately and we’ll be able to notify you more quickly when it’s available.

  3. Tangentially, in the spirit of honesty and transparency, why not live-stream the AVMA-COE Listening Tour Stop at the AVMA convention?

    • Interesting suggestion, thanks! This is our first foray into live-streaming an event, so we’ll see how this goes. If this goes well, we’ll definitely discuss doing this with other events – possibly including the COE sessions. It’s not my call to make, but I’ll certainly forward your suggestion.
      If this format doesn’t work as we’d like, there are other options that can be investigated.