Dog bite prevention: New resources to educate clients

Today marks the beginning of National Dog Bite Prevention Week®, which is held the third full week of May each year to educate people about preventing dog bites.  This week, why not take some time to talk with clients – in your clinic and on social media – about preventing dog bites? There are 70 million dogs in the U.S., most of them nice, but veterinarians know that any dog can bite. The majority of these bites, if not all, could be prevented.

The AVMA has a range of resources you can share with clients to spread this important message:

For more information and content you can share with clients, you can follow our Facebook page, join our Facebook event page, and follow us on Twitter. Here’s a sample of the posts we will be sharing on social media during the week.



1. CA    445 claims, $16,185,647 total paid
2. IL    315 claims, $10,882,001 total paid
3. OH    239 claims, $5,282,374 total paid
4. PA    172 claims, $4,344,524 total paid
5. TX    169 claims, $2,817,175 total paid
6. NY    148 claims, $8,094,161 total paid
7. IN    140 claims, $2,994,838 total paid
8. MI    133 claims, $5,057,719 total paid
9. GA    116 claims, $3,819,138 total paid
10. NJ    107 claims, $6,396,678 total paid


One thought on “Dog bite prevention: New resources to educate clients

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